F-Class Points Series (FPS) FINALE Rules



The FINALE tournament shall use the FPS FINALE rules. Where a situation is not specifically addressed in the FPS FINALE rules, the NRA International Fullbore Prone rules shall be utilized.


NRA Fullbore Rules link






  • ICFRA 1000 Yard F Class target


ShotMarker electronic targets will be utilized

  1. A seven (7) second delay in score posting will be utilized.
  2. Personal tablets are acceptable and encouraged
  3. Missed shots and Ghost shots policy shall be determined by the Match Director prior to the start of the tournament.
  4. .308 caliber will be used on all Shotmarker targets for all matches. 


Courses of Fire

  1. 2 convertible sighters and 15 shots for record at 1000 yards, pair fire
  2. 2 convertible sighters and 10 shots for record at 1000 yards, pair fire
  3. 5 shots for record at 1000 yards, pair fire



  1. Stage – A portion of a match that consists of a string pair fired.
  2. Match – A complete set of Stages, typically 3.
  3. Block Time – The uninterrupted time allowed to shoot all stages in a match.



  1. A stage is a portion of a match.
  2. Each stage shall have a winner declared.
  3. Points from a stage shall NOT be carried over to another stage or any aggregate.



  1. A match is a culmination of 2 or 3 stages.
  2. A match is won by a shooter winning 2 stages.



  1. A shooter may concede a stage or match at any time.
  2. To concede a shooter shall state “I concede the Stage” or “I concede the Match”.
  3. A concession cannot be declined or withdrawn.
  4. Once conceded all firing shall cease for the respective stage or match.
  5. Score cards shall be noted as CW (Conceded Won) or CL (Conceded Lost) for the respective stage or match.


Pair Fire

  1. All matches shall be pair fired.
  2. Each shooter shall have forty-five (45) seconds to fire a shot from the time the score is accepted from the previous shot.
  3. When a competitor has been timed by a range official and has exceeded the allowed time limit, the competitor will be warned ONE time without penalty. When a competitor exceeds the allowed time after the first warning, the range official will forfeit the value of that shot for that competitor.
  4. The higher seed shooter shall shoot from the left side and fire first in the first stage.
  5. Winners of the previous stage shall fire first in the following stage. Shooter “B” wins stage 1, shooter “B” fires first in stage 2.



  1. If a shooter does not have a competitor for a match, a bye will be granted and that shooter advances to the next round in the bracket.
  2. Whenever possible, byes shall be designated in order of shooters rank for the tournament.


 Tie Breakers

  1. All ties shall be resolved by shoot-offs. Shooters shall be responsible for recognizing a tie exists at the end of a stage. When in agreement that a tie exists, shooters shall commence with a sudden death shoot-off.
  2. Shoot-off firing order- The shooter that fired the last record shot shall be second shooter.
  3. A “V” is a higher value than a “5”
  4. If the loser of the FINALE is the Bracket Champion, a NO sighter 5 shot pair fire stage will be used as the tiebreaker, if tied after 5 shots, firing shall continue sudden death. A coin toss shall determine who fires first, the Bracket Champion shall call the toss.
  5. Unforeseen ties – In case of a tie for reasons not accounted for at the time of these rules being written, the match director shall have the authority to initiate a sudden death shoot off to decide a stage or a match. At his discretion it may include one (1) sighter.


Time Limits

  1. Block times – Unless otherwise stated in the Match Bulletin, Block times shall be 60 or 90 minutes.
    1. A block time is the allotted time to complete all stages in a match.
    2. Once a block time starts, it is the shooters responsibility to manage their time to complete all stages of the match.
    3. If time warrants, the start of a stage may be delayed by an agreed amount of time by both shooters
  2. Incomplete Stage – If time has expired and no extra time has been granted, the winner of the stage shall be determined by the score at the time of cease fire.
    1. If at the expiration of time, a pair of shooters are firing a sudden death tie breaker, extra time shall be granted to complete the shoot off.
    2. If shooter “A” has more record shots, the last shot(s) from shooter “A” shall not be counted so as to make the total record shots equal. In this instance, in case of a tie, a sudden death shoot-off will commence with shooter “B” firing a single record shot. If a tie progresses, shooter “B” continues firing until the tie is broken or record shots are equal. If still tied after equalizing record shots, both shooters shall fire single record shots until the tie is broken with shooter “A” firing first
  3. Extra time – At the Match Directors discretion, extra time may be granted for but not limited to;
    1. Unexpected delays caused by electronic targets
    2. Excessive time used for shoot offs
    3. Equipment malfunctions


 Changing Rifles

  1. Shooters may change rifles between stages or matches.
  2. Once a record shot has been fired during a stage, shooters may NOT change rifles.
  3. If a rifle becomes disabled during a stage and the RO has determined it is an equipment malfunction, the rifle may be substituted for a replacement and one convertible sighter shall be granted to both shooters.


Borrowing equipment.

  1. There is NO rule against using another person’s rifle or gear.


Physically Disabled

  1. Due to the nature of an Invitational Tournament with a large payout of prize monies, exemptions for adaptive positions or equipment are NOT allowed.


 Special Classes

  1. NO distinction shall be made to separate classes of shooters, whether it be gender, age, occupation or experience.


Score Cards

  1. Score cards shall be utilized
  2. Scores shall be written on the score card as the shots are displayed on the electronic target.
  3. A match declaration card showing each shooter score in a stage, the winner of each stage, the winner of the match and signed by both shooters to be submitted to the RO or Statistician.



Official Referee or Jury

  1. An Official Referee may be utilized and shall be appointed by the FPS Board.
  2. In Lieu of an Official Referee, the FPS Board of Directors shall act as jury members.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Official referee or Jury to see that all FPS rules are properly interpreted and applied. If an applicable FPS rule does not specifically address a situation, the Official Referee or Jury has the authority to reference the NRA Fullbore rules as guidance, determinations shall be made fair and equitable and in the spirit of sportsmanship.
  4. As necessary, any 3 FPS BOD’s shall form a jury to act on a protest.
  5. Jury members shall exempt themselves from ruling on a matter which they are personally involved.
  6. The Match Director may temporarily add suitable replacements to the Jury when necessary to maintain a pool of 3 jury members.